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Russo's New York Pizzeria

Franchise Profile

  • Total Investment: $454,350 - $454,350
  • Cash Investment: $200,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • In Business Since : 1998
  • Training & Support: Yes

Russo's New York Pizzeria

It Started In the Russo Family Kitchen
The son of first-generation Italian immigrants, Chef Anthony Russo grew up in a New Jersey home where the kitchen was the center of family life. There was always cooking and baking at home, and many of the ingredients came from the family garden - just as his Grandpa and Nonna Russo did back in Avellino, Italy.

These experiences stuck with young Anthony as his family moved to Galveston, Texas in 1978. His father opened Russo’s Italian Restaurant, which quickly became a local favorite. Just like that, Anthony found a second home in the restaurant kitchen. By the age of 12, he was learning family recipes from relatives who flew in from Naples and Sicily each summer. Making pizza and scachatta (a stuffed pizza similar to a calzone) became a passion.

The Entrepreneur Emerges
After earning his Chef’s distinction, Anthony opened his first pizza restaurant at the young age of 18. Shortly after, he opened “Anthony’s Pizzeria” in Clear Lake, Texas. A move to Houston brought “Café Anthony,” then the upscale Italian restaurant “Russo Café Anthony.” In 1992, Russo’s New York Pizzeria opened, and proved a model for success. From there, the Russo’s franchising experience began.

Like his father, Chef Anthony created a loyal, almost cult-like following. Nowhere else in Houston could people find authentic New York-style pizza. The family recipe for hand-tossed dough, sauce made from freshly crushed California tomatoes and imported Italian cheese blends harmonized to perfection. Always the pioneer, Chef Anthony was among the first in Houston to use a coal-fired brick oven. The bubbling of the crust, the flavors of a well-used oven, the preparation of pure ingredients — it was unrivaled, as it is today.

Sharing Our Love of Food
When your customers visit a Russo’s restaurant, it’s truly like eating at Chef Russo’s family table in Italy. Every menu item is made fresh, from authentic Russo family recipes, using all natural ingredients. From homemade pizza sauce, salad dressing and soup to fresh-baked breads and handcrafted pizza dough.

We don’t believe in pre-made meals.
  • If we can’t make it fresh, we don’t serve it.
  • Our menu items are unique and full of fresh flavors, giving you a competitive edge over other franchise brands.
  • Every recipe originated from Sicily and Naples Italy before 1942.
  • Unlike many pizza franchise concepts, we work directly with dairy farms, wineries, flourmills, tomato growers and an olive oil producer, giving you hands-on buying power.
  • We import our goods straight from the source, so no matter where on the globe your restaurant is located, we can supply you with the same exact product.
  • Russo’s team will continue to provide authentic family recipes and the skills needed to remain true to the rich and flavorful Italian cuisine.
  • Through our collective efforts, our brand vision: “Giving the world the opportunity to sit at Russo’s table” will continue to be realized.

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